Automate your work-flow using Finmo Resthooks


A Resthook is a fancy term used by software developers that simply refers to an automated transfer of data from one system to another, in this case it would be the transfer of information from Finmo to GoMax.  Finmo offers a number of these Resthooks for each of the different actions that occur within their platform. 

For example, when a new application is started within your Finmo account the information pertaining to this application will automatically be sent over to your GoMax account using the “Application Started” Resthook.  This automation saves time and ensures data accuracy as you no longer need to manually type the information into the GoMax CRM.

We have provided the following guide to help coach you through the configuration required to enable the Resthook automation between your Finmo account and your GoMax CRM account.  Please follow these steps below and if you run into any problems or have questions, be sure to reach out to our support team for assistance.


In your GoMax CRM account:

Step 1:
Login to your GoMax account and navigate to Tools > Settings, then click on the Settings tab.

Step 2:
Click the “Create” button in the Finmo section found in the lower left to create your unique key.

Step 3:
Click the “Copy” button to automatically place a copy of your new unique key into your clipboard.


In your Finmo account:

Step 4:
Login to your Finmo account and navigate to the Resthooks section by first clicking on the Gear Wheel in the left column, followed by clicking on Integrations in the top bar.

Step 5:
Scroll down to the bottom to where the Resthooks are defined.  Finmo provides 6 different resthooks, each representing a different action that occurs within their platform.  To fully utilize this service, all 6 of these must be set up.

Step 6:
For each of the 6 resthook options, simply paste the key (from Step 3) into the field provided.  Please note, all 6 fields will use the same key.




That’s it – the hard part is done!

You can now continue performing all of your Mortgage Deal processing within
Finmo while the appropriate information is automatically transferred into
your GoMax CRM account.

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