Q: What is an Event?

A: An event is a place for you to create automated tasks based on specific mortgage details, special occasions/holidays or birthdays. We have built these for you, but you will need to subscribe your database.
Please visit Opportunities and sign up address your possible opportunities ASAP.

Q: I am not getting any Birthday or Mortgage renewal reminders, do I have to set up my own events?

A: No, all you need to do is go to “Opportunities” located in the top navigation bar, and sign you database up the specific Events that you want running and reporting to you. Ones that will compliment your work flow.

Q: I do not have the “tasking” module in my GoMax CRM, how will I be notified of birthdays and mortgage renewals from my Events when they happen?

A: Our advice is to have the Task module in your CRM as this will make life easier on you. Any “reminders” that come from the CRM are placed in your tasking screen to help you organize your day and manage your database. Without this module, you will have to set up your Events to send you an SMS text message instead. Your SMS needs to be set up in your Settings page and watch your Morning Summary email closely for these items too.
(See the ? in your settings on how to set up your SMS)
Please refer to http://www.gomaxsolutions.com/pricing.php for pricing.

Q: I edited the template associated to an Event but it didn’t send the correct one to my client. What did I do wrong?

A: If you make any changes to a Event template, go into the event and reattach the new template and save your work.

Q: Is there a way to unsubscribe one person from certain Events?

A: Yes. To do this, locate the contact in your dashboard. Click on them once to reveal their contact details screen. At the bottom of the contact info are three icons. Click the Event button (as seen in the picture to the right). This will show you all of the Events that you have set up in your CRM, and which ones this contact is subscribed to. Check or uncheck the boxes as required. – or, locate the contact in your subscribers list in the Opportunities and unsubscribe and ignore the contact.

Q: What is the “custom” Event for?

A: Custom events are for recurring automatic emails that are not listed in the available Events list. These would be things like a rate sheet once a week to your Realtor category, or that yearly email reminder about property taxes to your client category. These will be template emails only and templates that should not change. If you set up a rate sheet Event but plan on editing the template weekly to include an “update”, please stick to the “projects” for delivery. Events that send templates are designed for templates that are not changed often.

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