Received an error message when you tried to perform an import from Expert?
Here’s what it means and how to fix it…


Error: There appears to be issues with some of the dates in this import. Below is a list of the errors we found…”

What This Means: This will occur when your date fields in your csv file have been corrupted and altered to match the default language settings on your computer/excel program. The original, correct date formatting should be yyyy-mm-dd. When your dates are corrupted, they could look very different than this IE: dd/mm/yy.

The Cause: When you perform your extract out for D+H Expert, the consolidated.csv file needs to be saved directly out of Expert “as is”. Sometimes you may open the file first and then perform a save, this can corrupt the file. Others may be tempted to rename the file, this can also corrupt the file.

The Fix: Log back into D+H expert and perform a fresh new extract. When your file is 100% complete, save it to your system without opening the file first and do not rename the file. If you plan on opening the file after it has been saved to make changes, you will have to ensure your system is set to Canadian English. Alterations to the csv cannot be made on a Mac computer.

Error: Your file exceeds the maximum file size of 2 megs”

What This Means: Your csv file from filogix is much too large for a single import and exceeds the maximum import file size.

The Cause: there are simply too many entries in your csv file. While not all rows of data on the csv file may be yours (determined by the Agent ID) the file is still much too large for a single import to handle effectively.

The Fix: Log back into D+H and enter a smaller date range into the “application entry date” fields and perform a new export. Always import your older material first IE: enter 2007-2011 and import that csv file. You will then log back into Expert and extract the remaining years of data and import that last. If the file is really large, sometimes importing in 2-4 csv files may be necessary. This is only common for Agents who are Broker Owners, or those how have 10+ years of data.

Error: Headers are not correct or missing. Please check the headers and correct as required.”

What This Means: The column header names across the top of the consolidated Expert file have changed and do not match the defaults. (IE: M_1Rate)

The Cause: Opening the file on a Mac prior to saving, renaming or editing the original csv Expert file.

The Fix: Log back into D+H Expert and re-extract your data. Save the file directly out of Expert when it is 100% complete. Do not open the file first and do not rename the file. If you need to edit the file, do not touch the headers along the top and ensure your system is set to Canadian English.


For more information on how to extract your Expert data, kindly read the following knowledge base articles.

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